A note from Patricia H. Smith

I have served as a Christian counselor for over 20 years, working on large counseling teams as well as independently. I approach all of life’s complexities from a solid biblical perspective, using Christ-centered therapy, focusing on healing and growth. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, one in Biblical Studies, and a Masters in Christian Counseling, it is only natural for me to follow therapy which brings healing, with the learning of new skills to replace old habits, thus renewing the mind. I have found this combination to be very successful in helping others grow into the reality of being more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. The ultimate goal is Christian maturity which empowers. Like the Apostle Paul, I do not count myself as having attained perfection in Christian maturity, but I press on toward the mark, leaving waymarks for others to follow on their journey.

– Tricia

She speaks truth in love

“I just love my Friend and bible study teacher, Tricia Smith! We met at church a few years ago. I learn something every time she opens her mouth. She is wise, kind, loving, patient, and honest. She speaks the truth in love and improves my world and the world around her every day. I am blessed by our friendship.”

Mary P., Women’s Bible Study Group

She is a woman of Faith who stands for truth

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free but that freedom can be hard to find at times on our own. God has used Trish over the past 3 years many times to help expose the lies that had controlled my life for 40 years. She is a woman of faith who stands for the truth and walks in the understanding of how broken hearts can be mended and brought back to their Father’s Arms.”

B Weeks., Client Testimonial

She is resolute in her faith

“Tricia is a gentle and loving person who walked with me along my path of healing. She provided practical tools and Biblical Principals to walk faithfully and taught me how to thrive in God’s calling, to just survive. She is resolute in her faith and offers emotional support while helping to get to the root of the problem. She has been a huge blessing to me and my family.”

R. W., Client Testimonial

Life Changing Experience!!!

I truly believe Trish entered my life by divine intervention, my husband had passed away a year before we met. Trish gave me a new biblically sound way to see my life! She also helped me master grief and learn new practical Godly ways to date and build a new life on biblical principles! Her biblical expertise, life coaching experience, and mastery of large family life make her an expert, I believe, to help anyone that needs help! My life has truly been changed forever because God used Trish in my life. I now have a wonderful Godly husband of 6 years, 5 kids I call my own, and 6 grandkids!  God is Great!!!