Who designated June as Pride month, anyway?  And why should we be proud of that and/or celebrate it?  It would be easy to ignore the whole thing and go on about my business leading a quiet life, doing my work, waiting for it to go away, or at least not interfere with my life.  Very tempting!!

But I can’t in good conscience do that.  It is wrong to keep silent.  Gay pride is wrong.  It amounts to taking pride in what God calls an abomination and forbids to mankind.  Sexual deviation is harmful to individuals, families, communities, education, religion, arts and entertainment, business, government, and the media.  And while all of these areas are under assault with the ideas and philosophy that govern the “toleration” and “forced acceptance,” of this “celebration”  many of them, if not all, promote it for their own self-interest.

What began in 1999 with Bill Clinton declaring June “Gay & Lesbian Pride Month, continued with Barack Obama and grew to include the whole gamut of sexual deviation.  Why are we as a nation proud of this??  Why do we not instead hang our heads in shame at the very mention of it?

And what is there to be proud of?  Indoctrinating our four and five-year-old children in kindergarten with propaganda read by a drag queen during storytime?

Or confusing everyone with the usage of pronouns which was difficult at best to learn as a tiny child?  The struggle of when to use he, she, it, we, you, they is real.

Ask any two-year-old learning to talk who says, “Is him a her or a him?”  Must we take the battle of absolutes to the very earliest education of our children, when they are just learning to talk?  I recently watched an interview of public school teachers and upon the self-introduction of one she gave her name and then followed it by declaring that her pronouns are she, her, him, he, we, us, and they.  By the time she finished, who could even remember “its” name?

Or should we be proud of promoting self-hatred and rejection which is at the root of all sexual deviation?  Or maybe we should tout the mutilation of bodies and filling them with drugs and artificial hormones to produce changes that cannot be produced at all.  One’s gender is written into every cell and throughout every particle of DNA from conception and cannot be erased by any surgery or prescription.

Or maybe we should be proud of condemning honest businessmen and women who refuse to bow to the LGBTQ+ in their business practices and have the courage to spend every penny they have on lawsuits to protect their right to worship God freely through their businesses.  Is that what we’re supposed to celebrate?  Because if it is, I’m not celebrating.  I’m grieving!

Have we forgotten that pride is the very thing that cost Lucifer his place in Heaven?  The boastful pride of life was one of the three original temptations used in the Garden of Eden, with heartbreaking results.  Later it was used in the Wilderness to tempt Jesus, this time without success.  Pride caused the first murder and coverup.  And it continues to be a contributing factor of many evils to this very day.  Pride, lifting oneself up against God, in defiance of Him and His sovereign right to declare what is right and wrong is not something to exalt, but rather, something to repent of, to grieve over, to turn away from, and to speak out against, hoping that even one individual might see the foolishness of proudly demanding that others join them in defying God.  They threaten and bully.  They posture and parade around, throwing away the very dignity of being made in the image of God, and daring anyone to disagree with them.

Well, I disagree and I know many others do also.  I’m proud of many things: my seven children, their spouses, my grandchildren, their strong work ethic, their integrity and love for family, God, and country, the businesses they’ve built, the way they serve their community and their country as faithful stewards of the beautiful liberty they’ve inherited.  I’m very proud of those things.  I’m grateful for a country where freedom still reigns and our Constitutional rights are still protected.

Our founding fathers believed in toleration and promoted it, saying that “toleration should be extended to all whose doctrines are not subversive of society.” (John Locke quoted by Samuel Adams)

Subversive is not a word we use frequently, but it means tending to the overthrow and ruin of the foundations.  Noah Webster, in his 1828 Dictionary of the American English Language said this, “Every immorality is subversive of private happiness.  Public corruption of morals is subversive of public happiness.” 

Pride over deviant lifestyles is subversive of the foundations of society, the individual, the family, home, community.  It is an evil to be shunned, not a good to be celebrated. 

While there’s much to be proud of and to celebrate in the month of June: the landing of Allied Forces on Normandy Beach in northern France, in 1944, signaling the beginning of the end of World War II; Flag Day commemorating the adoption of our national flag in 1777; a son-in-law’s birthday, Fathers Day and countless friends’ special days, deviant lifestyles is not one of them.

(C) Patricia Holloway Smith