It’s the middle of January already, of a new year, and what a month it’s been.  So much has happened and so much has been said and unsaid and disputed and thrown aside as worthless fake news or conspiracy theories.  Prophets have begun apologizing for their prophetic utterances and people we thought we could rely on have betrayed us, so where do we stand now?

Beloved, be not dismayed!  That’s what I hear over and over again from the Lord.  Beloved, be not dismayed.

We have declared from the beginning that Waymarx’s mission is to put people in remembrance of what God has done in our nation.  That is our mission still.  Our God is fighting for us.  He has not forsaken us.  He is not ignoring our pleas for righteousness in our leadership.  He does care.  He is watching, and He knows what He is doing. . . . and every thing He is doing right now is for our ultimate good.

I’m not looking at political intrigue or political correctness.  God will sort that out because we’re asking Him to do that and He hears the prayers of His believing children who have put their trust in him and who are praying according to His will.  Remember He is the Good Father who will not give His children a serpent when they have asked for fish to nourish themselves.  He is the Good Shepherd and His sheep shall not want.  He has not changed.  In Him there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.  Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Past, Present and Future!!  The Same!!!

So take heart, Weary Ones, keep your eyes on the Rock, and your heart steady and fixed upon Him.  Thank Him daily for what He’s doing in unseen places, even when we don’t see Him doing anything.

Where I had planned something uplifting about planning for the New Year, and goal setting, let me just suggest, that the one goal you set this year is to thank God everyday, for what’s He’s doing, for the good plan He has, for keeping His covenant to a thousand generations to those that love Him, and for being the Good Father Who gave His only Son for us and how can we think that He would not give us all things.

Lift up your head.  Remember who you serve.  Be not dismayed . . . Lest We Forget the One Who made a covenant with our fathers.  The Covenant is still in effect regardless of what anyone says.  And Our God marches on!

Patricia Smith (c) 8/21/2020