“Yet, Lord, thou canst (can) save”

These words of our Pilgrim forefathers and mothers, cried out in desperation 400 years ago as the crossbeam of the Mayflower snapped in two, disabling the ship in the midst of a fierce Atlantic winter storm, ring through the ages to remind us that God is able to save no matter how dire the situation. Our trust is in Him, not ourselves. And what we receive is by faith, not by sight.

Our duty is to pray, act with all we know to do for righteousness sake, and Believe with all our hearts that God is at work. And He was at work for the Pilgrims as He is at work for those of us who believe and trust in Him in America.

The events unfolding now surrounding this election go way beyond President Trump or Joe Biden. This is not about 2 men seeking the highest office in the land. This is about the integrity of American elections everywhere, and at any time. The privilege of voting is essential in a free Constitutional Representative Republic. And the integrity of the voting process must be upheld at all times.

America is not now, nor ever has been a democracy. America is a Constitutional Representative Republic. There is a huge difference. The Founding Fathers knew that and deliberately created a Constitutional Republic to further safeguard the rights of the people and to protect them from the overreach of a corrupt government.

As these events continue to unfold, let us thank God for what He is doing, praise Him for His mighty works on our behalf, and pray that the evil is exposed and that justice prevails.

Yet, Lord, even now, You can save!!

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Patricia Smith (c) 11/06/2020