It is early morning – pre-dawn – on this Election Day 2020. The polls are not yet open. The deciding votes have not been cast. Before they are . . . in anticipation of the outcome, not predicted by pollsters or prophets, I bring you great thanksgiving, Father God.

It is You who raises up leaders, and You who puts them down to achieve your purposes. In America, You’ve given us the privilege, gift, and responsibility of voting for those who rule over us. This is a stewardship responsibility for which we will have to give account to you. Thank you for that rare gift.

Whoever wins this election, YOU’VE commanded your people to pray for them, all those in authority over us, that we might live righteous and peaceable lives serving you. For this, you gave us the unique form of civil government that would best serve Your purposes. Again, I say, Thank You!

Father, I ask that you give us the grace to yield our opinions to You, to act out of biblical principles, and trust you with the outcome, for You are Sovereign and Supreme, and we rest in Your LOVE!

Patricia Smith (c) 11/03/2020