Our God is a Redeemer at war with anything that wars against His image bearers.

Did you know that your lack of confidence, your indecisiveness, your fears, your anxiety, are the work of the enemy within you?

God is not at war with us, much as we may deserve Him to be, He is at war with the enemy of our souls who is constantly, and in every way, warring against us, God’s image bearers.

Jeff Myers, in his book, “Understanding the Faith,” explains that “only in the all-seeing light of God’s glory do we see ourselves correctly. . . . God’s glory points with laser-like precision, revealing our hidden idols of self-doubt and low expectations as nothing more than masked pride. . . . The white-hot hum of God’s glory also ignites within us a burning determination to declare war against anything standing in the way of fully bearing the image of the always-good, always-merciful, and always-faithful God.”

All that low self-esteem and lack of confidence, that mentality that says, “I don’t really think I can do that great thing”  that posed as humility is in reality pride behind a mask declaring that God is not enough, that I, in Him, am not enough, that Christ in me is not enough so I won’t try.  I won’t expect something great and wonderful.  I’ll just settle for this mediocre life.  I won’t walk on water because I won’t try.  I won’t believe.  I won’t grow.  I will choose to stagnate, to distract myself, to entertain myself, to be like everyone else . . . but not like my Lord, not like the One whose image I bear.

Patricia Smith (c) 8/21/2020