Lest We Forget

“The result of not preserving and sharing what God has said and done, especially to future generations, ultimately ends in forgetting God” Tricia H. Smith (Deuteronomy 8:1-14)

God has been moving us in the direction of returning to Him and restoring true knowledge of Him in our history, both personal and national. It’s time to remove the rubbish of past trauma, false beliefs, and skewed history, and restore the foundation of repentance, forgiveness, and return to God and His ways.

The problem is addressing a culture that has lost even the recognition of The Way! Most aren’t sure what it even looks like or how to recognize it, which is true of individuals, churches, and nations.

Our response? We boldly share the truth.

The truth of God’s word and the true foundation of America. Reminders of what God has done in the past and how He has used America as a tool to further His Kingdom. The truth of what God is doing today, through all of us, His children, to further His kingdom!

We see the deception that has filled America and the rest of the world, but we also see the hunger for truth that fills the hearts of so many. It’s time to be brave and stand for righteousness. We must speak the truth according to the living Word of God and set up reminders to mark the way . . . lest we forget our God and perish!

A team for truth. Preserving and reminding.

Meet Tricia H. Smith!

Founder, and writer for Waymarx.

Born again disciple of Jesus.




She has a deep love for Jesus and fierce pride for her country, the United States of America.

Tricia is an excellent teacher (former homeschool mom!) and an incredible Christian counselor.

You can read more about her professional background here.